Agentes facilitadores de la gestión cultural de la década del 90′

Agentes facilitadores de la gestión cultural de la deécada del 90
(Facilitating agents of cultural management of the 1990’s)

Installation / Process art
Office table, chair, food and drink
Variable dimensions
In collaboration with Celia-Yunior, Luis Gárciga, Javier Castro y Renier Quer

XX Años no son nada (XX Years are nothing) Exhibition
Center for the Development of the Visual Arts – CDAV, Havana, Cuba

This work was intended for the exhibition XX Years are nothing at the Center for the Development of Visual Arts. We were interested in learning about and commenting on the institution-artist relations in the 90’s in said space. This was a difficult period for the Cuban context as the country was in the middle of a “special period” with severe economic shortages of all kinds. The specialists who worked directly with the artists at that time, made great efforts and the creators thanked them with gifts. The practice of giving gifts that facilitate procedures of different natures in Cuba, whether cultural, medical or of any management to be resolved, has become a cultural phenomenon.

For our proposal, we asked the artists who exhibited at the CDAV in the 90’s to tell us which objects were given to the people who collaborated with their work, either by writing a text or by any other artistic procedure. Without revealing names of one or the other, we turn the answers into an installation. The meals on plates, drinks, soaps and coffee packages were among some of those gifts, updated and placed on one of the institution’s bureaus.