Bola perdida

Performance – Installation / Forum I: José Antonio Echeverría Stadium / Residence Batiscafo, Triangle Art Trust, HIVOS Foundation, Britain, Havana / 2010

Lost Ball

Performance / Installation
In collaboration with Celia & Yunior, Luis Gárciga, Javier Castro y Renier Quer
Batiscafo Residencies 2010

For Lost Ball we use as reference an event of Cuban art also symptomatic of its time: “The Young Cuban Woman is dedicated to baseball”, Havana 1989. “The game… broke the thread for something that physical culture serves. This, so playful, was an imperceptible symptom of fatigue, of art within art, of art in front of everyone, of artists in front of their art ”*

We look for symptoms in our context, not in others but in ourselves as individuals. We become observers as well as the observed group, with awareness of both roles. We try to review our social attitude from the point of view of art, assuming ourselves as the first file to be analyzed. It is the fragmentation that stands out twenty years later: individuality, disconnection, intermittency, and dispersion, as a symptomatic characteristics of the moment lived.

We meet in the same stadium as that game: CSO José Antonio Echeverría, but this time, not on the field to play ball, but in the stands to get drunk. Each of us with our own bottle drinks until reaching a state of intoxication. We share a moment of similar feelings, where participants document each other with their cameras. The photos taken between us in the stadium were shown the next day on the Malecón as documentation from the same cameras that each one carried the day before. The wall as a natural meeting space that connects people, welcomed us to show and tell the guests what happened in the first meeting, again accompanied by a drink, but this time to share with everyone. * Castro, Elvia Rosa, “Playoff (by the way, also by Antonia)”, Cuban Art magazine 1/2001, ARTECUBANO EDICIONES, National Council of Plastic Arts.