Con tu propio sabor, 2005-2016

With Your Own Flavor

Video – Installation / 30 x 71 inches
Video / 5:24 min / Customized Service /  2005-2006
Wooden furniture, 2 TV, menu, © Sazonadores RELAME – Grethell Rasua, 2005

Sale of flavor-enhancing plants fertilized with excrement from the buyer.

For a personalized service, I proposed to a group in Cuba the possibility of acquiring, for a small fee, fresh condiment plants and dried spices fertilized with the buyer’s excrement. Customers had to contribute a considerable amount of their own excrement to use as fertilizer in the compost making. When the land was ready, I grew the plants chosen by the clients in private nurseries. After the entire cultivation and/or manufacturing process, users used the seasonings to flavor their own food. In this way, the beginning and the end of the eating process coexist.

This artwork is part of the curatorial project: Bueno, Bonito y Barato (Good, Pretty, and Cheap). Curatorial Award 2005, Spanish Agency for International Cooperation – AECI, Cuba.