De los pueblos el arte y los fantasmas

Installation / Stone walls, 2 Pictures photographs (40 x 24 inches), 1 Projection (Video 3:00 min), 1 TV (Video 51:18 min) / Natural History / CDAV – Center for the Development of Visual Arts, Havana, Cuba / 2010

De los pueblos el arte y los fantasmas
(Of towns, art and ghosts)

Stone wall / 2 Photographs (40 x 24 inches) / 1 Projection (Video 3:00 min)
1 TV (Video 51:18 min)
2008 – 2010
In collaboration with Javier Castro and Luis Gárciga

Of towns, art and ghosts showcases questions that came to mind in the process of creating collaborative work; how levels of representation of reality are understood, art as a methodology to access it, and the value of the temporal.

 We built a wall of rubble, a kind of viewpoint towards three images, a town photographed day and night from the same angle, and a sunrise captured on video. The apparent truth, what is expected of sunrise over a real town, changes when natural light reveals the image; a fiction. Behind the wall we comment from a TV our concerns and interests present in the construction of artwork. The staging also posits the supposedly incomplete editing process as a finished one.

This work is part of the curatorial project Historia Natural (Natural History), presented at the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (Center for the Development of the Visual Arts – CDAV), Havana, 2010.

Esta obra forma parte del proyecto curatorial Historia Natural, fue presentado en el Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales, en la Habana, 2010.