Decreto a mis ideales

Decree to My Ideals

Performance – Happening / Installation
Ink made with soil and rain water from Cuba, stamp, cards, wood furniture, and glass
Cuba. Tattooing History
Contemporary Art Pavilion – PAC
Milan, Italy / 2016

Committing to our best selves, giving our best, and being true to ourselves is a possible solution to receive the benefits we expect in our lives. The performance is a call, an awareness on a personal level. The purpose of this piece is focused on a personal review to achieve heightened self-regard and great hopes for restorative rest.

I made an ink using rainwater and soil from Cuba to write this sentence:

“I will live with the hope that the universe is on our side; we will only have to be true to the best of ourselves.”
I drew it in the exhibition space and shared it with the “Optimistic Creed” on some cards that were handed out to the public.