El valor de la mirada, 2008-2009

El valor de la mirada
(The value of the gaze)

Installation / Service work
Variable dimensions

Service of sale of the Chinese Horoscope animals made with the excrement of the buyer and gold.

Throughout the history of humankind, people have often resorted to divination systems, which function as forecasts of their destinies. One of the most used is the Chinese horoscope; in it, the personality of each subject is associated with an animal that represents them, depending on the year of their birth.

 These categories are expected to illuminate the nature of each individual, as well as their compatibility with other people in terms of social, interpersonal or romantic relationships. This work consists of a service that sells Chinese horoscope animal figurines to people who order one that corresponds to them. They need only contribute one of two materials for its elaboration: a small portion of their own excrement. The other material will be gold, added by the artist to make the eyes.

A human being lights their way with the flashes of their gaze; it is important to know how to look profoundly and far in order to eliminate evils and be able to move forward. It is our projection that saves and guides us, beyond joining and fully trusting any system of divination. The abhorrent may be part of us, but aided by our perspective it sustains our own thirst for improvement.