En medio de qué

En medio de qué
(In the middle of what)

Wall writings, music and drinks
In collaboration with Celia & Yunior, Luis Gárciga, Javier Castro, Adrian Melis and Renier Quer
Curators GO HOME Exhibition
Espacio Aglutinador Gallery, Havana, Cuba

This work was made on the wall in one of the rooms of Espacio Aglutinador Galery. We asked the guests present to write on it the names of those who were censored as well as the censors of exhibitions that had not been allowed to materialize in the Cuban context. While recalling the details, guests enjoyed a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere created with traditional music and beverages.

The text produced was an unrecorded history that constantly changed every time participants, who were mostly artists or critics of the censored exhibitions themselves, rectified the information based on their own differing versions.

Between impressions and certainties, history was changed. The censored and censors of Cuban art were registered and gathered for the first time on a wall, in full view.