Exhibitions. Efemérides 2008

Efemérides: 2008
(Ephemeris: 2008)

2008 – 2009
Video – Installation
10 Videos + 1 audiovisual title
Created by: Celia & Yunior, Luis Gárciga, Javier Castro, Grethell Rasúa y Renier Quer
Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center / Havana / 2010

The beginning of a new year leads to an analysis of the one that ends and poses new objectives. Starting from this act of awareness and location, the artists set out to capture a group of sensations surrounding them during 2008. They did not use references to specific dates or historical moments. Artists approached it from a personal point of view, aphorisms, shorthand notes of their reality translated into audiovisuals. Efemérides: 2008 reunite ten videos made at the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.

The project presented as a video projection inside a truck used to transport passengers to the outskirts of Havana’s places not far from the center of the city, but with enough distance to stop and observe the reality of the context. The truck was parking towards the exit position of the garage of the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center. Moments before its departure, the driver removed one of its tires, disabling the truck, and visitors climbed inside to watch at the back of the vehicle the projection where the artists shared their ephemeris.

List of works and artists:

Efemérides: 2008: 2008 / Title
Efemérides: 2008: 2008 / Detail 1 / Renier Quer
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 2 / Renier Quer and Luis Gárciga
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 3 / Grethell Rasúa
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 4 / Javier Castro
Efemérides: 2008/ Detail 5 / Celia y Yunior
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 6 / Grethell Rasúa
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 7 / Luis Gárciga
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 8 / Javier Castro
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 9 / Celia and Yunior
Efemérides: 2008 / Detail 10 / Celia & Yunior, Luis Gárciga, Javier Castro, Grethell Rasúa and Renier Quer