Los dueños de las cosas, 2008-2010

Los dueños de las cosas
(The owners of things)

Video Installation / 09:13 min
Variable dimensions
In collaboration with Javier Castro and Luis Gárciga

Starting from an object of high social demand, a water pump, which helps water enter Cuban homes, we made a sociological survey on need, nonconformity, the sense of use and the feeling of ownership. To do this, we placed two water pumps in a multi-family building, while one was employed for public service, the other remained untouchable by its side. We were interested in activating a counterpoint between social and private property.

This work is part of the curatorial project Historia Natural (Natural History), presented at the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes Visuales (Center for the Development of the Visual Arts – CDAV), Havana, 2010.