Cuban Artists Fund’s artist-in-residence 2022 -Grethell Rasua’s Open Studio

Sat, November 12, 2022, 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM EST
208 E 51st St 208 East 51st Street
New York, NY 10022

A must-see art show that will expand your concept of beauty!

During the Cuban Artists Fund’s artist-in-residence (2022), Rasua will create and show works that will be exhibited for the first time in New York. She’ll present one of her most characteristic works, “Con todo el gusto del mundo” (With All the Taste in the World), a series of beautiful unique objects and jewelry created with gold, silver, and the bodily waste of their owners; and her most recent project “Decorations,” drawings made with excrement and gold.

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Cuba Introspettiva-Pratiche Intermediali e Videoarte.

Curated by Giacomo Zaza.
Flashback Habitat, Ecosystem for Contemporary Cultures
Turin, Italy.
Nov 3 – Dec 15 / 2022
Inauguration: Nov 2 / 2022

CUBA INTROSPETTIVA explores the multi-media practices from Cuba, opening an in-depth investigation dedicated to the experiences of single-channel video art, some of whom are little known in Europe but that are protagonists of the research within and without the island.

Twenty contemporary artists who have been active since the mid-nineteen
seventies are highlighting the introspective analytic gaze of art in Cuba: that particular attitude to look inside the identity, to encourage an imaginative journey, never given for granted or linear, which produces continuous deviations and transfigurations, thoughts and desires into cultural contexts.

An open and reflexive vision prevails in the artists in the exhibition, imbued with ironic, restless and amorphous traits. A vision in dialectic relationship to limits and contradictions, accompanied by the internalization of public and private Cuban history, with its scars and rooting, changes and transitions after the Revolution (1959). We obviously seize visual and linguistic codes that are different from one
another, linked to the different generations – for example, in the younger artists, a marked examination of reality, less enigmatic but structured and speculative, is detected.

The artistic practices in Cuba are moments that observe and discuss reality. They are never neutral or indifferent to the political, social and cultural frequencies. They show a strong explorative charge. They become a conscious experience of world’s multiplicity.

Viva la Devolución 

Utopía Havana Festival as part of the Mercé Festival Barcelona

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De donde crece la palma
(From where the palm tree grows)

August / 2021
Havana Art Weekend & La Pera Projects 

De donde crece la palma is a special collaboration between Havana Art Weekend and La Pera Projects that will present the work of young Cuban artists working inside and outside of Cuba. The collaboration consists of two drops to be featured during August. This first capsule presents the artists Priscilla Aleman (Miami, 1991), Tatiana Mesa (Havana, 1981), and Grethell Rasúa (Havana, 1983), with a series of works resulting from processes of observation, compilation and reinvention, dialogues about the private and the public from intimate perspectives.

Meet the curator!
Curatorial tour with Grethell Rasúa (Curator) & Harold García V. (Artist)

Welcome to the Everglades Exhibition

Thursday, June 17th / 6:30 – 8PM
The tour starts promptly at 7:00 PM

Thomas Nickles Project
47 Orchard St, New York

Lecture at the United Nations

Welcome to The Everglades 
An Investigative Project on Art & Environment

May 18 / 2021

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Lecture at the United Nations on the Welcome to The Everglades research project. 

 For the past two years, Harold Garcia V (Artist) and Grethell Rasua (Curator) have been working on this project about the different factors affecting the health of the Everglades over the last hundred years.
The presentation is a tool to promote a call to action and awareness about the care of this incredible ecosystem, one of the most important in the world.

The presentation was moderated by:

Rolando Prats-Paez (DDLS Coordinator at the UN)
Rong Jiang (Chief Curator of the DDLS Art(ist) Studio Visits at the UN)
Dr.Steve David (Chief Science Officer / The Everglades Foundation) 
Grethell Rasua (Curator of the exhibition)
Kristen Thomas (Thomas Nickles Project)
Jhon Nickles (Thomas Nickles Project)
Special thanks to Haydée Oliva (Thomas Nickles Project)

Welcome to the Everglades
Solo Exhibition by Harold García V

Curator: Grethell Rasua 

Opening reception: May 12 / 4:00 pm 
May 12 – July 11 / 2021

Thomas Nickles Project
47 Orchard St, New York

The last Supper

Faena Festival, Miami Beach, EE. UU.
Debuting during Miami Art Week from December 2 – 8 / 2019

Open Air Cinema on FAENA BEACH
Screening time: Daily at 6:00 PM

Curator: Zoe Lukov

Artists: Sophia Al-Maria / Janine Antoni / Yael Bartana / Myrlande Constant / Gabriel Chaile / Jim Denevan / Camille Henrot / Zhang Huan / The Propeller Group / Christian Jankowski / Jumana Manna / Jillian Mayer / Ana Mendieta / Pedro Neves Marques / Emeka Ogboh / Grethell Rasúa / Faith Ringgold / Martha Rosler / Jamilah Sabur / Osías Yanov y Lulo Demarco / Lunafridge / Antonia Wright

Progressive brunch 
On the Altars of Vanity Exhibition 

May 19 / 11:00 – 3:00 PM / 2019
Dotfiftyone Gallery / Miami, US 

Guided tour of the exhibition On the Altars of Vanity 
By the Artists Harold Garcia V / Grethell Rasúa 

Abril 24 / 7:00 PM / 2019
Dotfiftyone Gallery / Miami, US

On the Altars of Vanity

Opening: March 29 / 7:00 PM
March 29 – May 31 / 2019
Dotfiftyone Gallery / Miami, US

Curator: Grethell Rasúa

Artists: Harold García V / Grethell Rasúa
Text: Giacomo Zaza (Critic and Independent Art Curator)

Cuba Introspettiva

Oppening: October 23 / 6:00 PM / 2019 
Performance / Grethell Rasúa / Para el bien Mayor

October 23/2019 – January 10/2020
La Nuova Pessa Gallery / Rome, Italy 

Curator: Giacomo Zaza

Artists: Lázaro Saavedra / Tonel / Glexis Novoa / Luis Gomez Armenteros / Javier Castro / Levi Orta /
Grethell Rasúa / Glenda León / Celia-Yunior

La Edad de Oro del videoarte en Cuba 
Montreal-Habana: Encuentros de Arte Contemporáneo 

(The Golden Age of Video Art in Cuba.
Montréal-Habana: Contemporary Art Encounters)

May 22 / 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM / 2019
Cinémathèque Québécoise / Montreal

Running Projection

May 22 – June 22/2019
B-312 Gallery / Montreal

Curator: Lillebit Fadraga / Cristina Figueroa / Gretel Medina

Artists: Elizabet Cerviño / Carlos Garaicoa / Raúl Cordero / Adrian Melis / Susana Pilar Delahante / Glenda León / Reynier Leyva Novo / jorge & larry / Loidys Carnero / Ernesto Leal / Grethell Rasúa / Orestes Hernández / Yaima Carrazana / Lévi Orta / Diana Fonseca / José Ángel Toirac / Juan Carlos Alom

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