Un olor que entra por mi ventana

Installation / Process Art / Havana Cultura Artistic Production Benefit Project Residency / Particular residency, Habana, Cuba / 2010 – 2012

A Smell that Comes Through My Window

Installation / Process Art  
In collaboration with Celia & Yunior, Luis Gárciga, Javier Castro and Renier Quer
Havana Cultura Artistic Production Grants Project Residency
2010 – 2012
Ludwig Foundation Collection, Germany

For six months, this group of friends was attentive to the daily result of “la bolita” (Cuban lottery that works illegally, where each number represents a symbol). Each artist followed the edible animal to bet a fixed amount of money each day. Each time one of the artists won, they shared their winnings with the rest, at a dinner that the winner prepared with the selected animal.

As a record of relative successes and failures, the dishes remained as quantifiers of the balance of the process. The plates that accumulated in front of each chair represent individual triumphs while those at one end of the table are opportunities missed by all. A more detailed breakdown of the random results throughout those six months have been written by each in the position they occupied at the table.