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My art practice is defined by three main activities: Transforming, Embellishing, and Serving.

My function as an artist is to be a starting point for questioning reality through the concept of beauty. I focus on working with what is conventionally considered beautiful or ugly to understand my reality. I inviteviewers to question their concepts of beauty to know themselves better as individuals and members of communities. I illuminate how what can be construed as unacceptable and taboo can become a means to connect to others and expand how we perceive beauty and reality. I transform the repulsive into something beautiful, functional, and valuable.

I employ strategies related to process art and social practice to create my art. The results of my explorations take the form of sculpture, drawing, video, installation, and performance. My practice is based on creating unique objects and jewelry through personalized service. I use bodily waste for its symbolic meaning and its qualities as material based on its characteristics, such as color, shape, texture, and consistency. I combine the fluids with other materials, such as gold, silver, and resin, to make them functional, durable, and reliable. My work process is immaculate. I use gloves, masks, ventilation, and everything necessary to prevent contamination.

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