Performance -Video / 15:49 min
Maretti Award / Havana.

Macha, Varona, Masculina Exhibition / Studio XX, Montreal, Canada 
Making our way with all the lights that we have in our being, with all our courage, sincerity, patience, and persistence, is a good method for achieving happy results. This piece is the consequence of decisions that I have made as a way of life; it's a reminder to never give up, no matter how dark the road may be. 

This piece is a performance where I stand in front of a great dark wall and, with my back to the public, carry lights in my hands; candles that I light when it begins. A video is projected on my back, wherein one of my hands scratches a phrase on a wall: 

“To do everything possible 
and not grow weary, to believe in myself, 
to always fight with all my strength 
so that the lights of my energy 
and desires illuminate my own way.”

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