Process work / Customized Work
Jewelry, drawings, objects
Variable dimensions
2004 - 2024
“With All the Taste in the World series” was created to provide a personalized service for people interested in preserving their experiences and intimate stories via unique objects. Clients, based on their personal aesthetic, are able to transfer their imaginary, personal, and sentimental experiences to the product they will use; they make their own requests and select the material according to their own taste.

These objects are made using part of the client's bodily waste. I used this material for what it means culturally, and for its qualities as a construction material, based on its characteristics such as color, shape, texture, and consistency. The fluid portions are combined with other materials such as gold, silver, and resin to make them functional, durable, and reliable to use. Each request is fulfilled using various craft techniques: weaving, embroidery, clay modeling, and goldsmithing, depending on the design. Each object achieves another value that goes beyond its decorative function; once finished, it becomes something special that preserves unforgettable moments for the owner. Waste is transformed into the ideal of beauty for each person, for their own exclusive consumption. 

The aesthetic judgment of our own taste changes because the senses accept that the appearance of the unpleasant has been transformed. The repulsive then becomes something exclusive and expensive, the economic value, as well as the meaning, is reformulated for those who engage in this aesthetic experience

Coin purse / Calluses, blisters, cuticles, silver, cloth and pearls. 
Earrings / The listening's patience meets new glances 
 Earwax, cotton, and silver. 
Ring and bracelet / Desire to have the force of the river, the light of the sun, the transparency of the wind and the life of the sea / Blood, silver, and acrylic. 
Ring / 33* drops of the artist's blood placed on 33 crystals and silver (*Symbolizes the age of the artist).
Reliquary / Our eternal kiss / Saliva, breath, lipstick, silver and acrylic.
Reliquary / Detail / Our eternal kiss / Photography printed on matte paper.
Ring and earrings / Excrement and gold.
Ring / Nails, silver and resin. 
Handkerchief / Blood, thread and cloth / Box / Blood, acrylic and paper.
Handkerchief / Detail / Blood, thread and cloth.
Earrings / Insomnia’s sleep in the eyes in the path of light/ Eye discharge, silver, paint and resin.
Ring / Husband and artist’s nails, silver and nail polish.
Ring and earrings / Husband and artist’s nails, silver and nail polish.
Earrings / Husband and artist’s nails, silver and nail polish. 
Scarf design / Drawing / Blood, acrylic and graphite on paper.
Ring / Human skin and silver.
Bracelet and earrings / Hair, silver and leather.
Earrings / Hair, silver and leather.
Bracelet / Hair, silver and leather.
Ring, necklace, broche, earrings / Family jewel / Artist’s family members hair and silver.
Wedding rings / Couple’s blood, gold and resin.
Choker / My tears of forgiveness, gratitude and joy prevailed over those of pain / Tears, silver, steel and resin / Photography printed on matte paper.
Wedding rings / Customer design / Drawing / Ink on paper / Blood, semen, gold and resin.
Jewelry gift box / Couple's blood, gold ink, cloth and wood.
Wedding ring / Groom’s blood, gold and resin.
Wedding ring / Bride’s blood, gold and resin.
Earrings / Hair and silver.
Plate / Vomit and resin. 
Panty / Menstrual blood, semen, thread and cloth.
Artist's mother’s ring / Artist’s blood and brother’s hair, resin and silver.
Hand fan / Semen, blood, wood and cloth.
Mug / Urine and plastic.
Earrings / Blood, cotton, thread and silver.
Earrings / Memories of a breastfeeding mother / Breast milk, silver and resin.
Bracelet to cherish pregnancy’s memories / Silver. 
Earrings / Excrement and silver.
Dress / Blood, ribbon and fabric.
Soap / Nails, essence of roses and glycerin.
Broche / Love, health, peace, creativity, gratitude, strength, wisdom, order, conscience, light, joy ... / Blood, Forget-me-not flower, silver and graphite / Photography printed on matte paper.

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